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More leads, sales and brand awareness with digital marketing? Time for our free Quickscan. With this Quickscan we map out your current situation and we look at what can be improved or even more used to achieve the best possible result. The recommendations from our free Quickscan always lead to better results. Hundreds of companies were ahead of you. What are you waiting for? Discover how digital marketing can contribute to more leads, sales and brand awareness!

100% Free and without obligation. You're never attached to anything!

95% From the applicants of the Quickscan has grown visibly after the scan.

38% Digital marketing experts are eager to get started for your business.

Why the Quickscan is the ideal start!

Many companies see the costs of digital marketing rising, but the results are declining. And that is not possible! Digital marketing can never be a cost item, but must always yield money! Receive with the Quickscan answers to questions such as:

[icon name=”check” class=”” unprefixed_class=”green”] Can my current Google Ads campaign get better: more sales at a lower cost?
[icon name=”check” class=”” unprefixed_class=”green”] Can the organic findability (SEO) of my website be improved?
[icon name=”check” class=”” unprefixed_class=”green”] How can I improve my website to get more leads and sales?
[icon name=”check” class=”” unprefixed_class=”green”] What can I use to digital marketing to achieve more leads, revenue and name recognition?
[icon name=”check” class=”” unprefixed_class=”green”] Is my gut feeling about my current desk correct? Do they really don’t do what they say they do?

Frequently Asked Questions

We can imagine that you have questions about what to expect grom our free Quickscan. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions we have received about the Quickscan. If your question is not listed or if you still want to request the Quickscan, please contact us by telephone. We are happy to help you!

Who is Team Nijhuis?

Team Nijhuis is a digital marketing agency founded in 1973. In a multidisciplinary team, 40 Digital marketing experts work daily on the success of 150+ satisfied customers (9.2 customer review).

Awards: Google Premier Partner, Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award in 2015, 2016, 2017 én 2018, FD Gazelle 2015 & 2016, HubSpot Certified Partner, voor het tweede jaar op rij #2 best digital agency van Nederland (Fonk 2017 en 2018).  Team Nijhuis werkt volgens het beroemde marketingmodel van Google: See, Think, Do, Care.

Why do you offer the Quickscan?

In 2008, as an agency, we quickly realized that digital marketing is truly a separate discipline. Not knowing that we would – more than ten years later – go to the top of the Dutch agencies with an assessment of a 9.2. We want to improve the world by seeing so many unused opportunities. Many companies come to us and ask our advice for the use of digital marketing. It hurts us that so much marketing budget is used by companies, without more leads, more sales and more brand awareness. The return from digital marketing must always be self-evident. To show you where you are now and where it can be better, we have created the free Quickscan. A scan that indicates where you are now and where you can grow towards. Free, because we want to offer your company this zero point.

We exist to let your business grow. At least, that’s how we think about it!

Is the Quickscan really free?

Yes, the Quickscan is completely free. The Quickscan serves as a baseline measurement of your current situation. What could be better and what is already good ?! After running the Quickscan we could make a plan together to discover how we can use the recommendations for your company.

What does the Quickscan mean?

With the Quickscan we review your current use of digital marketing. For example, do you use Google Ads? Then we will see if everything is set up correctly (we do not change anything!). Think of keywords, exclusion words, landing pages that are linked, extensions that are used or not, etcetera.

If you want to be organically higher in Google, we look at both the online and offline SEO factors that influence this. We take a look at the SEO foundation that you have, whether this is sufficient to score in the search engine or if your website does not (yet) score well enough.

I'm not (yet) using digital marketing, is the Quickscan useful?

As a new company you often do not use digital marketing. It may also be that you never really needed to generate more leads, sales or brand awareness for your company. The Quickscan is basically a review of your current commitment, but even if you do not use anything, we can think about what you could use. The process will look somewhat different. For example, instead of a Quickscan, an introductory meeting can be planned first to see what we can do for each other, what objectives you have and how you see your digital marketing commitment and budget for you.

Why should I ask for the Quickscan?

You obviously must not do anything!

But the Quickscan offers you the ideal starting point to have your commitment to digital marketing reviewed. This way you immediately know where you stand now and where there are still opportunities and improvements to be realized to start more growth for your company. In addition, hundreds of companies have already requested the Quickscan for you. 95% of these companies have demonstrably grown in turnover after our Quickscan. The report is tailor-made and the advice given in this is concrete and understandable. You are not attached to anything. You do not need to sign a quotation with us after the Quickscan, you do not have to enter into a partnership with us. The Quickscan is your document and made entirely free of obligation by us for your company!

I already have an (online) marketing agency, can I still apply for the Quickscan?

Of course that is allowed, any company that uses or wants to use digital marketing can apply for the Quickscan. In addition, the Quickscan offers your company a nice insight into the performance of your current marketing agency. Do they do what they say and do they say what they do? Many companies come to us with a gut feeling that something is ‘not quite right’ in, for example, an ongoing Google Ads campaign. With the Quickscan we can discover for you whether this gut feeling is right, or not. Then it is up to you whether you want to stay with your current office with the Quickscan and pick up the recommendations or to enable Team Nijhuis for your digital marketing.

I received a check for a free Digital Marketing Review. Can I still hand it in?

Yes, our Quickscan is basically the same as the aforementioned Digital Marketing Review. With the Quickscan we review your current commitment to digital marketing and the check you received for this can still be redeemed via this page!

What happens after my application? Do I get the report directly in my inbox after request?

The Quickscan from Team Nijhuis is a tailor-made document that is aimed at your company. In other words, this report was not realized at the touch of a button. Every company is unique, so how can the use of digital marketing be the same?

After your application, one of our digital marketing experts will contact you by telephone within 24 hours. During this telephone conversation we will take stock of your wishes and objectives. What do you want us to review and why? Then we will start the Quickscan and our expert will contact you to discuss this with you (personally or not). In this free consultation you will receive more information about the opportunities that you now leave behind.

What information do you need from me?

In order to carry out the Quickscan, we need input from you. What are you up to? What do you doubt about? What are your objectives? Which marketing budget do you want to use and why? We would like to receive such matters during the first telephone introductory meeting. If you want your current Google Ads account to be scanned, we will send a link request for both your Google account and Google Analytics (if any). We can always log in via your login codes.

Do I always have to log in from my Google account?

If you want us to look at your current Google Ads campaign, you will need to grant our agency access to your Google account. This can be done by linking our agency – for this we send a link request – or by sharing your own login (or a temporary new one) with us. Of course we always deal confidentially with this information, we store this data only after we have entered into a cooperation and we do not change anything in your current account. Your login – no matter how exciting sharing might be – is always in safe hands at our desk.

Can I see an example of what a Quickscan looks like?

Yes, you can see an example of a completed Quickscan (anonymous). This applicant has received many recommendations in both SEO and SEA to improve its business results.

I received the Quickscan, do I have to work with you now?

In the report we give you advice on how you can use your digital marketing even better or how you can start using digital marketing. Of course we are happy to help you and we would like to continue working with you. We commit you to nothing! If you enter into the cooperation with us, we will make a customized quotation for you after the free Quickscan. Here we take the advice from the Quickscan. If you have an issue that is so large, we will support the offer with a presentation.

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