Team Nijhuis


"In our quest for business partners that can assist us in educating the 21st Century Marketers we in the University of Twente found an exceptional partner in the Team Nijhuis. This not only because of their top knowledge level and capabilities in the digital marketing domain but also because of their genuine interest and support in our educational programs and research projects that deliver top marketing professionals. "

Efthymios Constantinides Assistant Professor Digital Marketing - University of Twente

"Our own research showed that Westfalen Gassen is not easy to find online, so the choice fell on Team Nijhuis because of the total concept they offer for Westfalen in the field of digital marketing. Team Nijhuis is a fun enthusiastic young club, which enriches themselves with the latest developments in digital marketing and also shares this with us. We are already looking forward to the flywheel effect that is definitely going to come."

Marcel de Groote Sales Manager The Netherlands - Westfalen Gassen Netherlands

Clients asses Team Nijhuis with a 9/10 (67 reviews ) Feedback Company

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