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 In a world of never ending communication, millions decisions are getting made, day after day. No journey is the same. It’s never a straight line. Every step is different. No view is similar. A journey is a line that never stops. To reach them, we have to give them attention. Attention to make them see, think, care and do. Anything that gets attention, grows. The daily flow of information is getting more and more. Many organizations of today are failing to keep up and are failing to transform in what’s needed for the time that’s coming. As a team we understand the digital transformation of today, and we know what will be successful tomorrow. Let us take you on a journey to let you rise. We exist to let your business grow.

Our certificates and Awards

Maximum result with digital marketing

Team Nijhuis is known as a leading digital marketing agency. The deployment of digital marketing is essential in any company, whichever business you’re in. Every organisation wants to be found easier on Google. Because high listings in Google make for more visits and visitors generate revenue. Before you start you have to know who it is you’re talking to. Who is your target demographic and with what messages do you want to reach them, through which channels? Whether your goal is to be easier to find online, redesign your corporate identity, reach your clients through email or optimize your ads in Google; We digital marketing experts are asked daily for our service in all aspects of digital marketing. From extensive online and offline research, to strategies and action plans, to full inbound marketing plans. Because we’re a Google AdWords agency (Certified Google Partner) you’ve come to the right place for managing your Google AdWords campaigns.

Our method of working:

We work according to the See Think Do Care - Model

The push tactic is the traditional marketing method. To push information and to push ‘buy now’ messages. That no longer fits with the search behaviour of the consumer. And it doesn’t fit with Team Nijhuis. You have to approach your target demographic in a way that suits them.

With push marketing you only reach about 1 to 2 percent of your entire target demographic. The other 98 percent isn’t ready for those ‘buy now’ messages, but is looking for information. By using the See Think Do Care model in your marketing, you adapt the message to your target demographic, using specific channels and you’ll reach them at the right point of their customer journey. The model is shaped like a funnel. In each phase of the model you reach your target demographic with a different message through different channels. This is perfectly in line with inbound marketing; our marketing basis. Don’t yell and don’t push, but provide relevant information that your target demographic is looking for.


The largest audience is our See audience. This audience has no commercial intent. Yet, now finally thanks to the glorious platform that is the web, we can engage actively, and profitably, with this intent cluster.


The Think audience is a slightly smaller audience but one that, through their behavior, display weak commercial intent.


The Do audience is, the one on which 97.296% of the current marketing activity is focused: an audience with strong commercial intent, close to making a purchase.


The Care audience is the largest audience that forms our extra-loyal customers. Not just people who've purchased once, but multiple times. Those that have renewed their contract. Those that have long-term revenue resulting engagements with us. You have to care for them.

Our digital marketing services

SEA - Suchmaschinenwerbung

Display Advertising



Social Media Marketing

Online Marketing Strategie



Search engine optimization

How do you keep your high listing in Google? Our experts are keen to work to optimize your search engine marketing.

Search engine advertising

Score fast and effectively on targeted keywords in Google by showing targeted and relevant ads.

Display advertising

With display advertising you can reach a broad audience. With extensive targeting possibilities, you can determine very specifically on which websites you want to show your ads.

Social Media marketing

Social Media are essential in a solid digital marketing strategy. This is where you can start a dialogue with your target demographic and give them an exclusive look behind the scene.

Web analysis

There can be no digital marketing without a through analysis. Where do you stand now and where do you want to go? We map every aspect through web analysis.


An often overlooked part of digital marketing. But with the right email-marketing strategy, you can reach your target demographic with relevant information through email.

Inbound marketing 

Instead of traditional (outbound) marketing, inbound marketing focuses on providing quality content. Clients find you instead of the other way around.

Developing corporate identity

Does your online identity correspond to your offline identity? Our studio develops solid corporate identities and a guide to maintain it.

This is what our business partner has to say

In our quest for business partners that can assist us in educating the 21st Century Marketers we in the University of Twente found an exceptional partner in the Team Nijhuis. This not only because of their top knowledge level and capabilities in the digital marketing domain but also because of their genuine interest and support in our educational programs and research projects that deliver top marketing professionals. 

Efthymios Constantinides

Assistant Professor Digital Marketing

University of Twente 

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Our certificates and Awards

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